Who We Are

J3 Systems is a Web App and Software Development Company based in Gauteng, South Africa. Throughout our 18 year history of work across many industries, we have developed unique software and web based systems for our diverse client base. During this process we have developed our branded Content Management System which is user-friendly, utilises best of breed open source technologies and can be used as a base system for a vast majority of web applications.

As a result we have built Warehouse Management, Ticketing, Enterprise Print Room and Barcode Tracking systems. We are always looking for new opportunities and would love to tackle your next project!

Our vision is to help companies streamline their internal processes using the systems which we have developed, in order to help them become more efficient.

We aim to provide a fully customisable system which will streamline the workflow for businesses within any industry.

IPS Config Member
Python / Kivy Mobile Applications
IOT Electronics, Arduino, Raspberry PI
Lazarus / Delphi Desktop Application Development
Circuit Board Design & Prototyping

Our History

How we started, What we've done, Where we're going.



Refreshed Look

In 2019, We started redesigning the look of J3 Systems to give it a more modern look and feel and so we could start to get more competitive within the world of IT.



New Office

In late 2017, J3 Systems moved into a larger premises in order to accommodate the growing company.



New Clients

As the years progressed, J3 Systems began to grow with new clients coming on board. With additional employees joining our workforce, we ensured the lowest support response times.



J3 Systems Started

In 2006, J3 Systems had started out and was run by a single person. The company relied on one or two large jobs and marketed itself via word of mouth